Tested & Highly Effective Natural Method To Make Your Butt Bigger

It is true that a great number of women want to get curvy and they want only natural ways to get bigger butt and breasts. If you want to plump up your butt, here is a very simple yet highly effective method to make your butt bigger naturally. I have personally tested this method and it produces results. The only condition here is to be consistent. If you think that eating more carbohydrates will help you get a bigger booty then you are wrong.

get a big booty

There is no point in consuming empty carbohydrates and trying to gain more weight in order to make your butt bigger. This is an unhealthy practice and it will cause any harm to your heart. Also, it could affect your metabolism. They key to getting bigger booty is building thicker muscles. Let’s have a look at this tested and one of the most effective natural method that can help you get bigger butt without putting your health and body at risk.

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Cardio Exercise

Start torching fat of your body. This could be done by adding more cardio exercise to your daily workout routine. Some of the best and highly effective cardio exercises to make your butt bigger are swimming, cycling or running. It is advised to do these workouts for at least 45 minutes about 5 days a week. Keep your heart rate up while doing these exercises. Also, make sure you break a sweat and work hard on them to torch fat. Do these cardio exercises for about four weeks for good results.

Protein and Carbohydrates

When you are following a cardio exercise routine to make your butt bigger, you need to take care of the amount of protein and carbohydrates to get good results. It is advised to consume an appropriate amount of protein (amount that is required by your body) and only 40 grams of carbohydrates per day. If you are taking more carbohydrates than 40 grams, you are killing your efforts to get bigger butt. Another important thing that you need to take care of is the source of carbohydrates. Do not consume bread and white flour products. Recommended sources to get your daily quota of carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables. The idea here is to provide your body with the energy to create an appropriate environment for change. Add more protein to your diet as you build up more muscles.

Weight Training

Introduce weight training slowly after burning some fat – you can add it during the third week of cardio workouts. The addition to a few light repetitions to your exercise routine will help you achieve your goal of making your butt bigger. Weight training like leg curls with the ankle weights is the right option to get bigger bum. In order to perform this exercise, simply attach some weight to your ankles and lift your leg bending at your knee. This workout will tone your hamstrings. Do reps until you get tired and your muscles start to cramp a little. Drink lots of water throughout your workout program. Repeat this workout for 20 minutes every day. This exercise will thicken and tone the bottom of your bum. You can add more weights depending on your level of comfort. The more weight you add the firmer and the bigger your muscle will get.

Work Out Gluteal Muscles

In order to work your gluteal muscles, you will need to use machines and for this you can join a gym. It isn’t necessary to use a variety of machines as you can use a resistance machine and attach this machine to the ankle. After attaching it to your ankle, hold on to the rod in front of you and stretch your leg straight back until you feel it in your core gluteal muscle. Make sure your knee is straight but soft position. Avoid locking your knee and keep your hips facing forward. Then pulse your leg back for 100 repetitions and perform it with other leg. It is advised to take short breaks after every 25 pulses. Do this exercise every day to make your butt bigger naturally fast. You can add more weights according to your strength.

Add New Movements to Butt Building

Addition of new movements to your butt building will help you achieve your desired goals. You can do it by addition lunging and squatting, while you keep up with the pulses and the ankle weights. It is advised to maintain light repetitions with your entire body in order to build up strength to hold at least 20 pound dumbbell. To do this, put your feet side by side and do a movement by dropping your leg (of any side) back. Then, distribute your body weight equally between your feet, fall to the floor but make sure your back knee is not touching the ground.  Regain the normal position and repeat this exercise with other leg. Squatting is also very effective to get bigger butt. You can do it by placing your feet about hip width apart and hold your tummy in to protect your spine. Then, bend slightly at your hips and bend your knees just as you do to sit in a chair. Regain normal position and repeat it 20 times.

Follow this regimen strictly if you really want to make your butt bigger. It will give you results – that is my personal guarantee because I’ve personally used this regimen to make my butt bigger naturally. However, you will have to do it regularly and for a longer time period to get results and to maintain results. If you want an easier program to make your butt bigger naturally, check this. I have personally tried and tested this one too and I came across this when I was no longer able to follow a strict exercise routine that I have explained above.

There is actually a butt enhancement supplement that is packed with butt enhancing ingredients. It is clinically tested and has helped a great number of women achieve bigger butt without causing any harm to their health and body. You get my personal guarantee for this supplement because I have used it with this workout regimen to make my butt bigger and I went from 26” to 50” within a very short time period.

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