Does Fitness Training Affect Your Breast Size?

There is a misconception among women that fitness training has a negative impact on breast size. Many women, especially those who have small breasts, stay away from training program just because they think it would change their natural breast size and make them even smaller. Media has a major role in creating this notion by portraying all women who workout and practice strength training with flat chests.

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That makes women apprehensive about putting in efforts to tone their body as it may later the size and shape of their breasts. However, there are various ways in which you can train without worrying about its effect on the size of your breasts. In fact, there are some fitness training programs out there that can help you make your breasts bigger naturally. Read this to find out more about exercises that can help you get bigger boobs naturally.

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How Fitness Training Affects Breast Size?

Before jumping on anything else, it is important to know about the composition of the structure of your breasts and how fitness training affects their size. One simple fact can allayed your fears about changes to your breast size: fitness training does not affect the size of breast directly. In fact, training cannot affect the breast size. This is because of the natural composition of the structure of breasts. Breast is made up of fat, tissues, glands and ligaments. There aren’t any bones or muscles in there, which simply means that there is nothing in your breasts that could be affected through strength training.

Fitness training tones the pectoral muscles in the chest that are located beneath the breasts. When pectoral muscles get firmer, they lift breasts. The size of your breasts depends on the fat content in your body. Fitness training works on the muscles, not on the fat stored in your breasts. The bottom-line is that you should not worry about strength training affecting the size of your breasts. There are no direct effects of fitness training that can occur.

Breasts Look Bigger

One major reason why women have this misconception about strength training causing their bust to change size is because the boobs become firmer and well-toned after exercising. There are some workouts, especially weight lifting and pushups that work on the pectoral muscles in your chest. As mentioned earlier, when your pectoral muscles are worked on, they enhance the appearance of your breasts. Due to this, your breasts look bigger and fuller.

On the positive side, this should work to your own benefit as no one likes saggy breasts. The important thing you need to keep in mind is that fitness training won’t change the size of your breasts. This is because size totally depends on the fat content in your body. Unless you are putting on or losing fat, there is no reason why the size of your bust should change.

Why Do Female Bodybuilders Have Flat Chests?

Now coming to the main point, flat chests of female bodybuilders who appear in programs on TV have created this misconception about fitness training causing change in breast size. It is important to note that bodybuilders follow extreme exercise plans and some of them use supplements to build muscles. If you just follow a simple exercise plan, you won’t end up with a flat chest like that.

How To Avoid Changes?

Still, it is possible that strength training will lead to a reduction in fat content in your body. That would reduce the size of your breasts yet at the same time it will make your breasts firmer. There are some ways that you can use to avoid the changes to the size of your breasts. The ideal body fat percentage for women is 12 per cent. If this percentage falls below 12%, there is a chance your bust size would decrease and vice versa.

It is very important to maintain a healthy fat level in your body, consume plenty of healthy fats while maintaining your caloric intake. This way, you can make your breasts larger. If you cut down on eating and keep consuming at the same level, the muscles you build would decrease the fat content in your body leading to smaller breasts. Your diet is the way to stop any changes to your breast size.

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