Can Fenugreek Help You Get Bigger Breasts Naturally?

It is a true fact that a large percentage of young girls in the United States and United Kingdom alone have smaller breasts, and it is predicted that over 70 percent of flat-chested or women with smaller breasts will undergo under the knife by 2015 to get bigger breasts. Most women do not want to go undergo the painful breast enlargement surgery for various reasons. For example, some cannot afford expensive surgery, while others simply do not want to use any artificial method to enhance their physical appearance. Those women that have been searching for ways to get bigger breasts naturally may have heard of the use of fenugreek to get bigger boobs. But what is the truth? Does fenugreek really help in natural breast enlargement? The short answer to this question is: Yes! For long answer, read on.

get bigger breasts naturally

There are many magical natural herbs that have been found to increase the size of breasts. Fenugreek is one of these magical herbs. Using fenugreek is actually one of the simplest ways to get bigger breasts naturally without undergoing painful surgery. Fenugreek is easily available and it is inexpensive.

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How Fenugreek Can Help You Get Bigger Breasts Naturally?

A hormone called estrogen is naturally produced in the body of a woman during puberty. This hormone helps in the development and growth of new tissue. This hormone plays an essential role in determining the size, shape and fullness of breasts. Lower levels of this hormone will result in less developed and smaller breasts. Besides estrogen, there is another hormone that plays an important role in the development of breasts. This hormone is called prolactin. Fenugreek can help you get bigger breasts naturally by working in two distinct ways.

  • It mimics the effects of estrogen.
  • It stimulates the production of prolactin.

Fenugreek naturally and safely stimulates tissue growth that results in bigger, fuller and firmer breasts.

How To Use Fenugreek To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally?

There are different ways to use fenugreek such as there are breast enlargement supplements that contain fenugreek, you can use fenugreek extract, and fenugreek capsules that contain fenugreek only.

Fenugreek Capsules – you can easily buy fenugreek capsules from any health food store. Start with taking 3 capsules per day – one at a time, and increase the number until you notice desired results. Do not take fenugreek capsules more than the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

Fenugreek Beverage – this beverage is the invention of Dr. James A, author of “The Green Pharmacy.” This beverage enhances the cleavage. Here are the directions to make this beverage at home. Add 1 to 2 cups of water with several tsp of fenugreek seeds in a saucepan. Then, add a dash or two of these spices: caraway, anise, licorice and fennel. In order to improve the taste of this beverage, add honey or lemon juice. Take this beverage twice a day for better results.

Fenugreek Extract – another very easy way to use fenugreek to get bigger breasts naturally is to use its extract directly on your breasts. Herbs that are absorbed directly through our skin have very stronger effects than the herbs that we take orally. This is because anything we eat must first be processed by our liver. After processing in liver, we get 10-20% of what we consume. Fenugreek extract that is applied directly on the breasts goes straight into the blood stream and shows good results. You can buy fenugreek extract from market and use it do the breast massage. A very effective way to improve the results of fenugreek is to combine it with your breast enhancement cream (In my case, I use Breast Actives with fenugreek extract to massage my breasts). Mix 1 part of fenugreek extract with 2 parts of Breast Actives (or any other lotion/cream that you are using for breast enlargement) and massage into your breasts twice a day to get bigger breasts naturally fast.

I’ve shared with you what I have found out about fenugreek during my journey to get bigger boobs. I have personally used it in processed and unprocessed form, and it does work. It is 100% non-invasive and natural. It helps brings balance to the important growth hormones in the female body and it stimulates breast growth. You can buy Breast Actives that is a 3-step do-it-yourself natural breast enlargement plan. It consists of a breast cream that contains fenugreek and pills that contain fenugreek with other breast-enlarging ingredients. Also, you will get a step-by-step breast massaging plan that you can use with cream and pills to get bigger breasts naturally fast without undergoing surgery. Alternatively, you can use another do-it-yourself step-by-step natural breast enlargement plan, check this here. I have personally used both systems and they work.

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    There are other methods of cosrue that do not involve surgery. Some of the most popular in this case is to use herbal supplements. The herbal supplements use natural herbal ingredients which can help boost your breast size.


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